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Rules of engagement

Our approach to website management gives equal weight to lead capture and content.

Lead capture on websites is seldom optimised and businesses are missing out on potential leads by not asking for them. There are a whole range of devices available to support lead capture, which don’t need to be overly expensive.

Content is king for the rest of the site, but it needs to be easy for a visitor to find what they are looking for – even if it’s just an understanding of what your business does.

Without promotion, most sites are fairly passive devices – but they are the best place to present prospects with everything about yourself, including what ‘handpicked’ customers are saying.

In the B2C space, everyone is looking for reviews to validate purchase decisions; they are in the B2B space too, it’s just that business customers tend not to write unsolicited endorsements. We overcome that and make sure the things they’re saying are going to be in line with your business’ messaging.

SEO important

Developing an effective SEO strategy for your business will help increase traffic to your website, improve user experience and generate more valuable leads with greater potential for conversion to sales.

Considering the importance of your website as a portal between you and your customers, you want to make it as easy to find as possible – that’s where SEO (search engine optimisation) comes in.

Search engines such as Google use a whole range of metrics to rank websites in an organic search. By optimising your site with strategic deployment of components such as H1 tags, meta descriptions, content and keyword density, permalinks and backlinks, you can help to boost your ranking.

However, do any of the above without care and expertise and the resulting content can become clunky and difficult to read. Content must engage your target audience, first and foremost – and, alongside product detail and information about your business – it has to keep coming.

Adding fresh content to your site will keep customers engaged and keep your site in Google’s good books. Without it, your website becomes less and less relevant to customers and therefore less and less relevant to Google.

The SEO game is always changing. As technology develops, search engines alter the algorithms that define how your website gets ranked. As such, your SEO strategy will need to adapt.

Measurement & evaluation

Measuring and evaluating the success of any (owned) online activity is fairly straightforward, if you know what you’re looking for.

Using Google Analytics, we can determine the type of information most relevant or interesting to people visiting your website and ensure that its content continues to meet their needs.

With its own built-in analytics, email direct marketing provides an excellent opportunity to gauge the receptiveness of your target audience, allowing well-judged follow-ups (eg, sales calls) and further segmentation of your database for more refined targeting in future campaigns.


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